Stop the chop

To mark the second Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy, May 7th, a demonstration was staged in Parliament Square, London. The day was the 2nd anniversary of the Cologne Court’s ruling [11] on the circumcision of a young boy for religious reasons. The Court found that circumcision was not in the child’s best interests and that circumcision caused bodily harm.


Thanks to all those who turned out and to our photographer, there were also a great many photos taken of the demo by the public. Thanks to Glen for coming up with the slogan “Stop the chop”. The facts of circumcision are encapsulated in the slogan, about half the skin on the penis is removed by a circumcision.


Non-therapeutic circumcision is not a “snip” it is a damaging mutilation of an otherwise healthy child. The most sensitive part of the penis, the ridged band, [3] is always amputated. Nerves are severed and they never rejoin across the scar that the man will grow up with. Blood vessels are also cut leaving the circulation to and from the penis compromised. This is not a complete list of losses to circumcision, so join our stop the chop campaign.

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