We the undersigned call on the the government, the police, policy makers, the child protection agencies, community leaders and the medical authorities to protect all children and stop the circumcision of non-consenting children.


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Seth Tucker Spurlock,
The bodily integrity of all children must be protected. Any man or woman that lays his or her knife on a child's genitals should be punished harshly. Boys deserve equal protection as girls do. Please, make male genital mutilation a federal crime. Punish the mutilators.


Nickolas Kusturis,

Erika Zemmol,
I just want to say that protecting the human rights of men and boys is equally important as protecting human rights for women and girls. Please do what you can to make the cutting of genitals a federal crime whether done to either gender.

Elizabeth Serafini,

Chris dispirito,

Peter Morris,

China stopped foot binding of women, and we don't allow female genital mutilation. So we shold stop the mutilation of all children's genitalia: stop circumcision of boy children in the UK by making the act of circumcision illegal unless it is of proven that the operation is necessary for immediate medical reasons. Family tradition was not a sufficient reason to allow foot binding in China.

And the age of consent for circumcision should be 21 or if the child is over 18 and has left home, and is working and no longer in a position of financial dependence on its parents.

Shaun Coley,
For many years, we have recognised girls' rights to genital integrity, regardless of their parents' religious beliefs or cultural traditions. We rightly abhor stories we hear of female genital mutilation in Africa and the Middle East, yet boys continue to legally have their genitals cut for non-medical reasons without their consent. Why is this protection not extended to boys? Why do girls get a legally-enforced right of consent, but boys do not?

John Newson,
We have to start talking about what is done to baby boys on NHS property in Britain


Physical Petition
On the 30th of October 2013 Men Do Complain handed in, to 10 Downing Street, a physical petition to deliver the message that men are no longer silent on the subject of circumcision. We want equal protection.


We call on the government to amend the Female Genital Mutilation legislation
to protect children with atypical genitals and males from non-therapeutic
genital modification.