Recorded delivery

On the 6th of August 2011 Men do complain and NORM-UK chairman Dr John Warren delivered an open letter to the British Medical Association. The letter detailed the unethical nature of the medical establishment’s position regarding the circumcision of male minors.

The action then moved along the Euston Road to the headquarters of the General Medical Council where a copy of the letter was handed in. Over two hundred “Happy anniversary” flyers were handed out and the members of the public we met were receptive and supportive.

6 thoughts on “Recorded delivery”

  1. Great to read about this demonstration and especially about support from the public. We are certainly reaching a tipping point with this issue. The only question is how long the medical establishment will be able to keep up the ruse that sexual mutilations of children are justified.

  2. Without adding “NO CIRCUMCISION” on the end – the shirts are well… useless. Personal Opinion. The shirt is stating the obvious – but not why it was created. Add… No circumcision.

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