BBC interview MDC

The interview, with Richard, was recorded for the religious affairs slot on BBC local radio stations to be broadcast on Sunday the 14th of May. If we get more details about timings we will post them. After Sunday you may be able to find the programmes via the BBC iPlayer. Richard will also be interviewed live on BBC Radio London between 08:00 and 09:00 on Sunday the 14th.

Sex education

Sex education for boys is woefully inadequate in the United Kingdom. This statement was clearly demonstrated on the Graham Norton Show (BBC) when it came to light that Sir Patrick Stewart did not know until late in life whether he was circumcised or intact. Please see this report of the program in the Telegraph.

There is a lot of anatomical detail passed down to girls in sex education but virtually none passed down to boys. The problem with anatomical detail and boys is that any discussion of the foreskin and what it is for (it is not just spare skin), will swiftly lead to the undermining of all the usual excuses and justifications given to boys for the removal of their foreskins.  Are sex educators prepared to perpetuate the current myths and poor science that allows society to continue the practice of removing healthy functional tissue from boys’ genitals? Or will sex educators try to move society towards a world where all children are free to grow up with the genitals they were born with?