Children’s Rights should be respected

The majority of cultures that cut the genitals of children cut the genitals of both genders. The excuses vary from culture to culture and from situation to situation. In the article below, from the “i” newspaper and reported elsewhere, the justification is of a religious nature.



It is likely that the only way to bring an end to the practice of cutting or modifying the genitals of children will be when it is understood that all children have the right to grow up free from the physical and psychological abuse that is the consequence of such adult-lead interventions. All children boys, girls and intersex should be allowed to grow up without non-therapeutic invasive treatment so that they have the ability to make their own choices when they reach the age of majority.

Danish poll on circumcision; results reported

According to a poll reported in CPH Post online nine out of ten Danes would support a ban on the circumcision of boys under the age of eighteen years.
intact-denmark-logo150wLena Nyhus, the chairwoman of Intact Denmark, is quoted as saying:
“For us, it is important to ensure the individual’s right to decide over his body and his genitals”.

Mentioned in Hansard?

Our demonstration in Parliament Square for International Men’s Day attracted a lot of attention. A debate inside the House on male suicide resulted in Male Genital Mutilation being mentioned in the Commons. At the end of his speech opening the debate Philip Davies said this:-

There are so many other areas where men are being discriminated against, or are suffering more than women. Unfortunately, I cannot go through them all now. If they are not raised by other Members today, I hope we will have similar debates in the future, so that I can highlight the further problems faced by men. Some of the issues that I do not have time to get to include: male circumcision and its effects on some men; the fact that men suffer from anorexia and bulimia, too; the health effects of men not seeking help early enough to prevent their conditions from getting worse; the fact that men tend to live shorter lives than women; and the fact that boys underachieve in school.

We had a lot of support from Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) and representatives from, 15square, Healing Men and others working with men and boys. Thank you to all who turned out and braved the weather, it never really got dry or light!


Fair weather child protectors

At a conference in Frankfurt this May the phrase “fair weather child protectors” was used by Christian Bahls of MOGiS in his presentation to the conference. What he meant was that there are organisations that claim to protect children but when the abuse strays into controversial territory then the organisation concerned turns a blind eye to the abuse. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is just such an organisation.
When the video, a frame of which is shown below, was posted on Facebook the NSPCC demanded the removal of the video. The video shows a crying baby being held by the arms and repeatedly dunked into a bowl of water and the NSPCC quite rightly regarded this as a cruel practice.

There is no doubt that the cutting of any child’s genitals without an immediate medical imperative is a cruel and anachronistic practice and MDC hopes that the NSPCC will review it’s current position on the cutting of children’s genitals and will come to a gender neutral position and protect all children whether they be intersex, girls or boys.

Should anyone wish to see a video of a boy’s genitals being cut there are several available at Just the descriptions of the video content available on the site is scary enough, you have been warned.