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In the light of the Detroit Court’s decision to dismiss the remaining charges against a female doctor accused of female genital mutilation (FGM) the video, below, of a presentation by Brian Earp is essential  viewing.

What possible justification could there be for such a decision? How did something usually considered abhorrent come to be treated so lightly? Could non-therapeutic male circumcision have informed the court’s decision?


Unedited video interviews released

link to interviewsDr. Goldman is the author of “Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma” and “Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective”.
 This  YouTube playlist is of six  interviews with Ronald Goldman PhD, psychologist, speaker, Executive Director of the charitable educational organization Circumcision Resource Center in Boston, and the Director of the Early Trauma Prevention Center.
The interviews are unedited and were recorded during the filming of the documentary “American Circumcision” by Brendon Marotta. The complete film is available at: https://circumcisionmovie.com and also on Netflix.

Rape, circumcision and consent

Image – SWNS

In Manchester this year the man, above, was convicted of raping more than a hundred men. It is not at all surprising that he was sentenced to a long prison term.

Image – Alamy

Consent is the main issue with rape, there is nothing wrong with sex; if it is your choice to have intercourse. If you don’t consent to sex then it is rape. We don’t as a society say oh well men can’t get pregnant and we don’t say date rape is fine “he won’t remember it”. The courts quite rightly hand out severe sentences to those convicted of rape.

We should view male circumcision the same way. There is nothing wrong with circumcision if it is your choice. What is wrong is circumcising a child who lacks the capacity to understand the possible consequences or to give informed consent.

Is there a religious exemption?

There is no human right to impose your religion on another person. The human right to freedom of thought conscience and religion [17] is a qualified right in that you cannot use your right under that article to override the rights of any other person.

Whatever the claimed benefits, such as, he will want to look like his father, he will want to fit in with his peers, or community. All of these have to be weighed against the irreversibility of the procedure and the justifiable sense of loss after having had a normal body part removed.

There have been two studies in America, a commonly circumcising culture, that show between 10% [16] and 13% of men circumcised as children resent what was done to them.

In the light of these studies we should do more to protect children from all forms of non therapeutic genital cutting.