Stamp it out

We made this silent video, below, as a call to action. Please play it and if you have the stomach for it you can find a version of the video with the sound of a real baby having his foreskin excised here, it is a sound that should ring alarm bells inside any compassionate human being.

3 thoughts on “Stamp it out”

  1. It is undoubtedly a form of genital mutilation.
    We all shout about FGM ,why this impartiality?
    Is it because of the backing given by major religions that have political clout?We are not in the dark ages .Stamp out MGM

  2. I can barely imagine the content of that video – I decided not to watch it.

    Well done for pushing awareness of this issue. It’s something that I have, for a long time, considered to be barbaric mutilation of children and, as I write that, I’m ashamed that I never took the time to voice my own opinions more forcefully.

    The arguments I’ve read in favour of MGM are as spurious as they are varied. I suppose that, beyond the cultural resistance to change superstitious beliefs, there is a personal difficulty for parents to acknowledge a wrong committed against their own child. That’s a lot to fight against, but it is absolutely the right fight to have.

  3. I can’t watch this. Just thinking about chopping bits off children makes me feel sick and tearful. These people should be jailed for child abuse. Let people choose when they are 18.

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