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For too long people have been obliged to keep  silent about male genital cutting because of the attitude of society. This series of podcasts aims to break that silence.

We would like to hear from men, women, mothers, fathers and anyone concerned with the rights of children regarding non-therapeutic genital modification. Ideally you will be based in the U.K. so that we can record you directly in front of a microphone. To take part contact M.D.C. using our contact form or write to – info@mendocomplain.com

One thought on “Take part in a podcast”

  1. I’m a 39 year old male in the the United States and was circumcised without my consent a couple days after my birth. I knew I didn’t look quite right down there during my childhood. I started figuring it out in my early teens when I had to start cleaning the skin bridge that covers nearly 50% of mine. I have one skin tag and there are also 3 holes in the skin bridge, which I assume must be from stitches. I’m familiar with the decline of sensation as I’ve noticed it occuring gradually since my early teens and the most has been in my 30s. I’ve also had issues of shame about it for 25 years that personally affects me in relationships. I also have a distrust of American doctors for many years because of it. There’s nothing attractive in the least about having to clean a skin bridge with peroxide because it has an infection. I also have meatal stenosis, so I have difficulty urinating and it occasionally takes me in excess of a minute to relieve a full bladder. As an American, I’m ashamed of the cosmetic, religious circumcising culture in our country. It’s one of many reasons I don’t follow organized religion. It’s unethical to perform a primarily cosmetic procedure on all male infants based on perceived benefits while having some with extreme irreversible damage. If someone wants it performed as an informed adult, fine because it’s less damaging than an infant circumcision. Also it is not likely to be psychologically damaging as a circumcision being performed on an infant.

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