Spending on cuts

In the current round of spending cuts it seems that our elected representatives are still spending at least six million pounds of our money every year on surgery that children do not need or want.

Houses of Parliament

It is a very poor argument for the health service to say that if they do not offer a circumcision service to parents children will be exposed to greater harm by being circumcised in the community. Firstly this argument could be used to justify all sorts of other non-therapeutic procedures; scarification of children’s faces springs to mind. Secondly the N.H.S. was set up to care for patients with therapeutic needs it was not set up to gratify the wishes of parents however strong those wishes might be.

So write to your M.P. and complain. Click here to locate your M.P.

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  1. NHS Trusts all over the UK are actively engaged in forming policy on ‘Equal Rights’ for patients and employees. Some trusts are spending large sums of money on these policy exercises whilst some are being thoughtful of the cost and doing a good job in house. Whatever the method of delivery, the public are being consulted (at least in Kent) and there are sympathetic ears toward this vile crime of Male Sexual Mutilation.

    Sadly, the trusts are to be disbanded and any form of unified policy will be crushed to make way for back door privatisation on our beloved NHS, so act now or forever remain silent.

    It is obscene that we have policy and law that bangs on about equality when the laws themselves enshrine inequality. For example the ‘Prevention of Female Circumcision Act 1985’, the ‘Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003’, the ‘Pensions Act’ that seems to allow governments to pay women state pension at age 60 whilst making men (that pay more into the pension fund and die 7 years earlier than women) wait till they are 65 years old to claim pension payments. The latest move is to force men out of their homes on the slightest accusation from their female partner without ‘equal’ consideration of facts.

    Men suffer discrimination and despite having far less sexually sensitive mucosal tissue, can have their most private sexual organ denuded some 50% or more by forced amputation at the whim of an adult.

    Those that do this barbaric sexual assault and those that instigate it are among the worst of society deviants and deserve at least the maximum tariff that the 2003 Act conveys, namely 14 years prison. My preference would be to make that hard labour and the 2003 Act made gender neutral as well.

    Kevin Elks, Dover, Kent. (sexually mutilated at age 8 days)

    1. Kevin
      That is an accurate post and I believe the only way to stop this abomination is to stop joking about it (as people did with gay rights, black rights etc.), I would be indebted if you were to contact me?.

  2. I just want the penis I was born with. Is that too much for an adult male to ask? Apparently so. In a supposedly free society, how free are we? Anyone under the age of puberty who cannot physically protect himself or flee is still potentially at risk from any lunatic, hack, mohel, parent, uncle, so called “doctor,” etc., etc.

  3. I wrote to the Gender Equality Minister asking her to raise the matter, of non-consenting infant circumcision of males, in Cabinet and ask questions in the House of Commons. It is her responsibility to ensure that males and females get the same rights to genital integrity.

    But she ducked the issue, passing my enquiry to the Health Ministry, whereby a Muslim spokesman replied saying that It was not illegal, as it was not specifically prohibited, but it had never been tested in court.

    As letters to MPs are usually answered by assistants, I feel that I would have to tackle the Minister in person at the Commons, but not at her constituency as I am not registered as an elector there.

    Surely, there is a barrister, preferablry one with a damaged penis, as mine is, who would be prepared to act on behalf of babies yet unborn.

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