Genital Autonomy Day May 7th 2013

GA-day-text312wJoin Men Do Complain for a vigil outside the German Embassy to mark the anniversary of the Cologne Ruling concerning the circumcision of a small boy. The Court in Cologne decided that;

“There was no consent by the child, who was four years old at the time, and since the child was not old enough to understand the situation, there was no question of such consent being given. There was consent by the parents, but this was not capable of justifying the commission of the elements of bodily harm.”

Sadly the cutting of children’s genitals continues despite this enlightened ruling.


We will be standing from 10:00 to 16:00. The address is 23 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PZ.
The message is “Children’s rights not parents’ rites”. T-shirts and placards will be available on the day. There will also be an opportunity to engage the public and encourage them to sign our petition for the law that protects females from genital cutting to be made gender neutral.

7 thoughts on “Genital Autonomy Day May 7th 2013”

  1. I will be attending. Live in sussex, 40 years of age, and angry that I was abused by the health care system back in 1972. An NHS hospital performed surgery on me that I neither consented to, or needed. I would like that the UK movement gathers momentum on this issue. I will bring a decent camera so a video record can be uploaded to youtube. Should I wish to make my own banner, would that be OK?

  2. Your support will be most welcome. Don’t worry about the banner the video would be most appreciated!

  3. I shall be there and look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with other men who were sexually abused by the NHS and still await acknowledgement from those responsible that the system failed them when they needed protection most.

  4. you know i will be attending though nearer 11 than 10 , bringing blood stained white boiler suit.

    1. If anyone has a spare suit, I would be grateful, I failed in getting one, but in my defense i didn’t know you were going to be wearing them initially; this is my first demo. Look forward to meeting you all

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