German Embassy demonstration – report

Thanks to all those who attended, talked to us, took photos, hooted support, took videos, kept us in order, fed and watered us.



10 thoughts on “German Embassy demonstration – report”

  1. One of the most memorable days of my life. The footage came out great, especially of Richards crotch! Good work people, and look forward to our next meet-up.

  2. Thanks Richard for your magnificent efforts to ensure that the event was a big success. I would add that I felt honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with such noble and decent human beings.

  3. Thank you so much for speaking for the screaming babies who are ignored. The truth has it’s own longevity. Humanity will be forced to see this truth through the efforts of compassionate and committed people like you all.

  4. The circumcisers are on the defensive, hiding their faces from the world. Thank you, UK Intactivists & Bloodstained Men, for challenging them to come out of hiding.

  5. Thanks for spreading this important message in front of our embassy on that symbolic date !
    I hope the UK government is smarter than ours when it comes to regulating this issue.

  6. Hallo dear friends,
    I spoke at the 7th of May in Cologne against ritual circumcision on children. You guys in England had greater luck with your weather. But the rain in Cologne didn’t break either my courage nor my heart to protect children against brutal adults. If we act together worldwide we can send back these bloody rites to the Bronze Age, were it belongs.
    Thank you for your personnel engagement.

  7. A pedophile priest plays with a child’s penis, and harms him psychologically. A circumcising “doctor” tortures (by definition) and mutilates (again by definition) the child, and harms him psychologically. Which is worse and how much longer are we going to let these tragic weak-willed humans get away with it?

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