Edinburgh protest

Our third year of protesting outside the British Medical Association’s Annual Representative’s Meeting has shown a marked shift in the manner of our reception. The doctors who ignored us did just that, ignored us.

The doctors who support our stance on the breach of ethics that non-therapeutic circumcision represents are now much more friendly. Watch the video and look out for smiles, petition signing and a delightful high five!
Also in the video MDC supporter Alison Waugh came to show her support and gave us a stunning interview.

4 thoughts on “Edinburgh protest”

  1. Well done guys. If I had some funds, I would have made it up there. Long way to go, and well done. Let’s work out a way to get a few more people, see you in Sept.

  2. Excellent video. Well done, guys, and a big thanks for Alison’s contribution. Pretty much common-sense, isn’t it: gender equality? A shame the motion wasn’t voted for. Does the BMA want to be in the dock with the AAP and ACOG?

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