Student nurse wins ethics award

MDC wishes this young lady well in her career. She has followed her instincts to protect vulnerable children and come to an ethical position that makes her speak for those that cannot defend themselves. Thank you to all concerned with the production of this video.


2 thoughts on “Student nurse wins ethics award”

  1. Claiming that a woman’s success results from “following her instincts” supports the harmful, sexist myth of female intuition. This woman deserves praise for her intellect, diligence, and resourcefulness, not her “instincts”.

  2. Michelle you are right, we should reflect again and again the language we use to avoid stereotype or prejudice. Certainly the author intended to praise the (indeed laudable) student nurse.

    Yes, the long-known turn of expression of a WOMAN (and never of a man) who is “following her instincts” is a cliché … and a kind of relict from the time (hardly bygone) when women had no equal rights.

    Alternatively we could do an experiment and dare the statement, a MAN (a really idealistic intactivist who is just protecting a little baby boy from being mutilated) is “following HIS instincts”. Unsurprisingly that sounds unaccustomed. But why? Do we miss a macho component? Can a man work in a kindergarten without being despised as an alleged (colloquial Geman) ‘Weichei & Warmduscher’ i. e. pansy-wimp-milksop-mollycoddle?

    It is time to overcome the cliché of the “peace loving” woman and “rational minded” man. Thinking logically isn’t unwomanly. And having piety isn’t unmanly.

    In their fight against FGM and MGM, men AND women can be motivated by heart AND by mind.

    In our fight against FGM and MGM, we, men and women, shall be motivated by compassion AND by solid, scientifically proven arguments.

    Solidarity greetings from Germany

    Scouts Opposing Circumcision

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