Comment on the CDC draft guidelines on circumcision

Please take the time to read up on these guidelines and use this link to post your comment to the CDC. This is a link to the published guidelines from the CDC.

Critiques of the CDC guidelines can be found here by Brian Earp and here from Intact America. It is important that we respond and add as many unique comments in response to these guidelines as many countries use the American medical establishment’s stance on cutting the genitals of boys as a justification for the continuation of this anachronistic practice.

One thought on “Comment on the CDC draft guidelines on circumcision”

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    Brian D. Earp and the 18 USC 116 (female genital mutilation, FGM (causa Jumana Nagarwala, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

    Kindeswunsch auf Beschnittenwerden auch für Mädchen bald Gesetz? Britischer Medizinethiker fordert das verstaatlichte Befragen des männlichen oder weiblichen Kindes nach dessen baldiger Genitalverstümmelung (MGM oder FGM)

    by: Jacques Auvergne

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