Children’s Rights should be respected

The majority of cultures that cut the genitals of children cut the genitals of both genders. The excuses vary from culture to culture and from situation to situation. In the article below, from the “i” newspaper and reported elsewhere, the justification is of a religious nature.



It is likely that the only way to bring an end to the practice of cutting or modifying the genitals of children will be when it is understood that all children have the right to grow up free from the physical and psychological abuse that is the consequence of such adult-lead interventions. All children boys, girls and intersex should be allowed to grow up without non-therapeutic invasive treatment so that they have the ability to make their own choices when they reach the age of majority.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Rights should be respected”

  1. I have read your item and feel I want to put forward my own point of view, I am now 65 years old,.. going in to retirement,… that made me a teenager in the 60’s, I was born in the early 50’s,.. the early Days of the NHS,… it was not that long after the second world war and the question of circumcision in my childhood was never talked about,. in fact I didn’t know that it was ‘an option’ for little boy’s until I was 15+ and out to work with older men,…
    There was one thing that dogged my childhood,.. Passing water,…. ”to pee” was always a problem and ”the tackle” was often sore and painful, but the problem was one that was never talked about in polite circle’s in those Days,.. through out my teens there was several times where I was told by my then ‘GP’ it was growing pain’s,… it will pass,..

    Wind on nearly 40 years,…..

    20 odd years ago in my early 40’s the pain’s and soreness came back,. over night,……

    I was then married and my wife said she would come with me to see our GP,.. I cold see in his face he was looking at something that was not right,.. He immediately referred me to an urologist consultant, who did an inspection and a few tests,. [I had to ‘work one out’ and pee in a pot, and had CT and ultrasound scans from many angles,…..] when finished he said there was internal problems that need sorting between the bladder and kidneys, this was caused by a backing up of urine and the cause of infections that was making things worse,.. the main cause of everything was tightness and I should be circumcised immediately,. this was done within the week along with other internal urological repairs,. I have to say since then I have never been so comfortable,. yes the pain of the opp was severe, but then it could be expected in that department of a 40 year old,!!,….. but the difference since,.. Wow,!!.. I am a different man,.. Sadly the same can’t be said about my own children,. the infections have put paid to that,. there will never be any,….
    Unfortunately, now I am back into visiting the urology department and have undergone further tests am waiting results with the possibility of further urological surgical needs,………
    The surgeon said that it could all been avoided, especially the damage done by infections caused very probably before I started school age, with circumcision as a baby,….. I have always had the problem since birth, and now it is showing up in later life,.

    SO,.. do I think circumcision is barbaric,?,. do I think it is wrong,?,. do I think it is something that should be left until the boy can say for himself that he ”wants it”,… is it an injustice to the child for parents to have it done, ‘at birth’,….

    Answer to the above,.. NO I DON’T,….

    If anyone asks or talks about the subject or there is a little boy born now, I say,. DO IT,.. And, DO IT NOW,..
    Don’t look back,. look to the future, my parents ‘left me to make the decision’,.. it was the wrong decision on their part,.. I don’t blame them for their decision, just sincerely wish they were not given the choice, I now wish that all little boys were ”done” as soon as possible, like measles or mumps injections, as a normal service supplied at the health clinics to every little boy,.. and that the option should be for parents to opt-out from it, not have to search and fight in to it,…….

    I now know,.. it would have made my life so much better and very-very different,……….

    1. You invented all of that. Foreskin doesn’t cause infections. If it did, we wouldn’t have foreskins. You’re probably a circumfetishist in disguise.

  2. I had an in growing toenail. So painful i couldnt walk. I had it removed under anaesthetic and with my consent. The relief was immeasurable. Made me realise all babies should have their toenails removed to avoid the chance of toe nail related problems in the future. The fact that they are too young to have pain relief or give consent is nothing compared to the miniscule chance that those toenails could have caused trouble later on in life

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