Proposed Iceland circumcision ban on BBC Radio 5

On Tuesday 20th February the ban on non-therapeutic male circumcision proposed by some of Iceland’s politicians will be discussed on the Emma Barnett show at 12:30 GMT.

Richard from MDC will be one of the people in the studio and there will be input from an Icelandic politician, a victim of MGM and at least one representative from a community that continues to practice circumcision.

2 thoughts on “Proposed Iceland circumcision ban on BBC Radio 5”

  1. lets all hope the law is passed.
    I lost my foreskin at 2 days of age.
    I curse the Australian Obstetrician who billed my parents £65 for his services 61 years ago, everyday.
    He never sought anyones consent.

    1. Richard, I can totally relate to your above comments. What I don’t understand is why nobody will admit that the routine Circumcision of infant boys for no medical reason whatsoever is basically legalised professional child abuse…..I look forward to the day when this barbaric practice is consigned to the Dark Ages where it belongs.

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