Circumcised man’s threat to kill mother – The Times

The story below appeared in The Times 9th June 2018.

A son threatened to slit his mother’s throat because she had him circumcised when he was five, a court was told. H******** had been left traumatised and wanted to know why his parents had agreed to the procedure.

H********, 30, bombarded his mother with more than 100 emails and voicemails between Christmas Day last year and January 5, Kwok Wan, for the prosecution, told Leicester magistrates. In one he said: “I will slit your throats where you stand. Happy new year.”

Mr Wan added that H******** went to his mother’s house on New Year’s Eve and threw paint over the front of the house and on the path.

Kim Lee, for the defence, said that only a handful of the messages had been threatening and were “a cry for help”. He added: “He suffers from body dysmorphia and has other mental health issues. There was no intent to cause harm to his parents.”

H********, of Loughborough, was found guilty of aggravated harassment, which he had denied. He admitted criminal damage. He was given an eight-week prison sentence suspended for a year and ordered to attend 20 rehabilitation days.

11 thoughts on “Circumcised man’s threat to kill mother – The Times”

  1. What? No punishment for the parents for violating his rights?

    Buckle up, buttercup! Over the next few years you’re going to see a lot more of this.

  2. He has every right to complain. His body was modified at the age of five, without his consent. That was a gross infringement of his basic human rights and an abdication on his mother’s part of her duty to protect him from harm.

  3. Being a man that is genital intact I can understand where he might be coming from. Having read extensively on the male genital mutilation issue I can also understand that the trauma a child is subjected to by this barbarous custom also in fact makes the survivor angry, dissociates him from normal family,less empathetic and savage. Psychological treatment for him was hopefully a good idea however to give hi a criminal record rather then the parents that authorised a vicious sexual and moral psychological assault on him shows that the aplication of justice is still seriously lacking.

  4. My heart breaks for this man and his family. It’s FAR past time we put an end to this barbaric practice that destroys the bodies0and souls of our children (and the adults they will become).

    NO one should be able to do this to another human being without their expressed and informed consent.

    There are SO many others who feel the way the man in this story does. It’s a horrific violation in the most intimate way.

  5. Until we stop abusing our children with this horrific, unnecessary, surgery, we will see more and more of this. I don’t blame him for blaming his mum, I would want to kill her if she were standing in front of me. I’d want to scream in her face, how dare you mutilate a beautiful, perfectly formed little boy? How dare you think you know better than thousands of years of evolution which formed his perfect little toes and fingers that you checked when he was born to make sure he had 10 of each. Why would you think you had to cut another perfectly normal, perfectly formed part of his body of you stupid woman. It’s time we stop this barbaric, unnecessary surgery. It’s time we called it what it really is!!! Male genital mutilation. Child abuse. It’s time we locked people up for doing it to their poor defenceless baby boys. Why do we condemn female genital mutilation but still accept male genital mutilation???? It’s time to stop circumcision! I’m so sorry your mother did this to you and goes unpunished and you suffer daily 🙁 🙁

  6. If a woman finds me more attractive because of my circumcision I WILL Call her a whore! its that simple .

    I wonder how this poor mans mommy treated him.

    my mother was verbally abusive threatened to disown me for talking about it

  7. Somtehing I have to ask. Was his mother Verbally abusive when he brought the issue up? Mine is.

  8. It is a good thing for me and my mother that she died early and before I realised the cause of my anguish and pain suffered through my years as a child and into adult years. Very early on I remember how I hated this thing between my legs, the unwanted feelings it gave me, the urges that could not be satisfied and the thoughts of being born deformed. The never ending quest to get love from a mother that was distant in affection because of the endless crying and sleepless nights because of what she had done to me, yest it broke what bond should have been between mother and infant, mother and child. The trauma of discomfort and the humiliation of the bitch ‘having a go’ at me in front of others for anything and everything and especially when I would complain about my underpants being uncomfortable. I won’t go on further but if she had survived beyond the point where I learned the truth about what happened to me I and why then I would have sought terrible revenge on the evil bitch. I am now in old age and still suffer in spite of ‘foreskin restoration’ which helped but that’s it, it helped and no more than that.

    How can this evil sexual abuse be allowed to continue?

  9. Circumcising a nonconsenting minor is rape and mutilation of children leaving them irreparably damaged for life. The human being is born designed for normal sexual function just like we are born to walk, have opposable thumbs, have hearing and vision. To circumcise a nonconsenting person is to do something very unnatural to them. It’s like cutting off their thumbs, or cutting out half their tongue so it would affect how they could eat, taste, speak and sing. The people who sexually attack children and attempt to literally cut them off from their normal natural sexuality, are deeply at unease about sexuality, one normal aspect of being a human being. No one who is so psychotically maladjusted to the human condition that they think sexually mutilating children to damage their future sexual function has any right to be near children at all, not a parent, doctor, or religious professional. Anyone who thinks that’s a good idea belongs in a mental hospital, sterilized, and far away from children.

  10. I was blessed with wonderful loving parents who protected me from all harm as a baby. They weren’t given much choice about circumcision, doctors just took me away and snipped as a matter of course without discussing it. I want my foreskin back you pricks!

    1. How old are you because in some states you can sue the hospital or doctor that did it if you aren’t too far past 18. I’m too old to sue but not for people turning 18 in those states so I make sure to put this info out there for them. I love to read about the bastards being sued for what they’re worth.

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