Paul Mason, Barrister and Children’s Commisioner, Tasmania.

It was with great sadness that we learnt that Paul Mason had died. We offer our deepest sympathy to Paul’s family.

The movement to protect children’s rights in all its aspects, including non-therapeutic male circumcision, has lost a great champion.

Along with a rigorous intellect Paul had a very compassionate nature. He will be sorely missed.

The video below of Paul is from a press conference held in London on 3rd September 2008. It was the first time I saw him in action. All I can say is thank you Paul.


One thought on “Paul Mason, Barrister and Children’s Commisioner, Tasmania.”

  1. To Paul’s family and friends,
    I have just learned of Paul’s passing and am deeply saddened to hear the news. We were at school together and remained friends after school. I was in email contact about ten years ago and impressed to hear of the work he was doing, I always knew he would lead a life devoted to helping others based on his caring nature. He was also very intelligent, the only person in our class who could beat him in exams is now the Regis Professor of Ancient Greek at Cambridge University, otherwise Paul was way ahead of us all. He was socially caring, fun and very intelligent, he will be very missed. I only found out this news because I am thinking of moving to Tasmania and immediately though to again get in contact. Please sent my regards to his family and tell them there is yet another person saddened at his passing, he was a great person.

    Peter Howard

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