Intactivist’s of the month

Thank you to all our supporters who have donned the bloodstained overalls to campaign against the cutting of children’s genitals. The message is getting out there. Intact America has made the Bloodstained Men “Intactivist of the Month”.



GA Worldwide DayPlease join us on our protests this year the first of which will be on the 7th of May for “Worldwide day of Genital Autonomy“. The place will be central London times and exact location are to be decided.
There will also be events in Germany and around the world.

Council of Europe hearing on male circumcision

IMG_0173-crop-300hOn the 28th of January there was a hearing on male circumcision in the Council of Europe. The meeting was open to visitors, invited guests and members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Men Do Complain attended with Patrick and Richard.

We were there to support Victor Schonfeld whose  Channel 4 documentary “It’s a Boy” was shown to those attending the hearing. Flyers were handed out from early morning to promote the showing.

To view the webcast from the hearing please click here or on the image below.


Before the hearing the Channel 4 documentary “it’s a Boy” was shown. The film made it’s point and is still as relevant today as when it was made. The panel were divided and spoke from their various perspectives on the subject of non-therapeutic male circumcision. The encouraging thing from the point of view of children’s rights was the emphasis placed on the right of the child to freedom of conscience thought and religion being the equal of an adult’s right to express their religion.  Marlene Rupperecht, second from left above, stressed that children were human beings from the moment of birth with a full set of human rights. An interview was recorded for the Council of Europe with film maker Victor Schonfeld.


Edinburgh protest

Our third year of protesting outside the British Medical Association’s Annual Representative’s Meeting has shown a marked shift in the manner of our reception. The doctors who ignored us did just that, ignored us.

The doctors who support our stance on the breach of ethics that non-therapeutic circumcision represents are now much more friendly. Watch the video and look out for smiles, petition signing and a delightful high five!
Also in the video MDC supporter Alison Waugh came to show her support and gave us a stunning interview.


indie-cropThis story from the Independent of Saturday 18th May 2013 reports the deaths of 23 boys in rituals involving circumcision, the deaths are being taken very seriously by the South African authorities.

It should be pointed out that circumcision, if it is carried out without the fully informed consent of the youth being cut, is an assault which should also be taken very seriously by the authorities.

Doctors are supposed to “do no harm” but non-therapeutic circumcision is by definition harmful. The presence of doctors at such ceremonies gives an illusion of medical respectability that is not merited.